Indirect Taxation – VAT


Standard rate19%
Reduced rate9% or 5%
Zero 0%0%

Obligation for registration

A taxable person is required to register if:

  • At the end of any month, the value of taxable supplies recorded in the last 12 months exceeds €15.600
  • at any point in time the value of taxable supplies are expected to exceed €15.600 in the next 30 days
  • provides services to a VAT registered person within the European Union with nil registration threshold
  • Is involved in the acquisition of goods from other EU member states with registration threshold of €10.250
  • offers zero rated supplies of goods or services
  • acquires a business on a going concern basis
  • foreign taxable person makes long distance sales with registration threshold of €35.000

VAT returns and payment

Any registered person has to submit to the Commissioner a VAT their quarterly VAT returns online via the Taxisnet system, not later than the 10th day from the end of the month following the end of each VAT period and pay the VAT due.

VAT on the supply of electronic service

The place of supply of B2C electronic services is the place (i.e. the country) where the costumer using and enjoying the electronic services is located. In order to assist/simplify VAT requirements the Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) system has been created (electronic portal) allowing the taxable person to detail where B2C electronic services have been provided. This return, along with the VAT paid are then transmitted to each Member State.

The place of supply of B2B electronic services is considered to be the place where the recipient is located.

VAT on land

As of 02 January 2018 a transfer of land (other than agricultural) is subject to standard rated VAT.

VAT on rental income

As of 13 November 2017, VAT at the rate of 19% is imposed on the leasing and/or letting of immovable property to a taxable person for the purposes of carrying on taxable activities, commencing on/or after 13 November 2017.

The leasing of buildings used as residences remains an exempt transaction for VAT purposes

The lessor has the right to make an irrevocable election for non-imposition of VAT to the lessee of the immovable property, subject to the terms and conditions.